Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Me? Well, here's what happened.

Friday Highlights:
1. Got to buy a new blouse from Bayo while I passed by the mall on the way home.
2. Paid my cellphone bill.
3. Bought Zoe's vitamins.

Saturday Highlights:
1. Went to mass early in the morning.
2. Surfed the net (felt the earthquake while bloghopping, so I stopped).
3. Played with Zoe.
4. Took a nap (my head really, really ached!).
5. Had a pedicure (good thing my manucurista was available).
6. Organized my pantry. Got rid of two expired oatmeal packs...bad, bad, bad.
6. Slept early. Bliss!

Sunday Highlights:
1. Morning mass with whole family.
2. Bought peachy-peachy.
3. Went to visit my mother in law.
4. Brought home kare-kare from my MIL. Yum-yum!
5. Went to pray to my mom in the cemetery (brought her flowers).
6. Shopped for blouses in SM and Kamiseta.
7. Had a haircut (after 6 long months!!!!) - I love it!
8. Grocery shopping good for two weeks.
9. Paid the electric bill (half-heartedly).
10. Prepared weekly menu.

Hey, I think I accomplished a lot! Looking forward to this week's adventure!

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