Monday, September 1, 2008

Paying Debts

I have been using my own credit card ever since I started to work. It all began when we were offered our bank's credit card which has a special low interest rate for us employees. After that, I also got several cards from other credit card companies. These I used for my MBA studies, for some shopping, trips abroad, my mom's hospitalization (which sank me into real debt), my caesarean operation (yes, I used my card to alleviate us from bringing so much cash in the hospital), etc. etc. I guess I really need to have a debt consolidation but I'm just chicken to really face the difficult reality of my many purchases paid on debt!

So, every single payday, I try to convince myself that I need to be debt-free soon! I always try to tell myself that I need to stop using my cards for unnecessary items. But then, another month passes and I find myself having trouble managing my finances. It's really a challenge and a sad challenge at that. Good thing I received a hefty bonus yesterday and I was able to get a debt settlement and pay in full one of my credit cards. Yahoo!

Anyway, here are some of the other things that can be done to improve your finances:

1. Think positive - "You have enough salary, thus, you are very well able to pay in cash!"
2. Leave your credit cards at home or in the vault!
3. Stay at home during weekends and enjoy the sunshine from your backyard.
4. Once you have paid for all your debts, call your credit card company to cancel that card immediately. If you can't settle your debts in full, considering calling a non profit debt company to help you out.
5. Say no to midnight madness sales and the like. (This is going to be hard!)
Good luck to all who want to be debt-free!

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