Monday, September 1, 2008

A Great Family Video Guide

As parents to a young kid, we believe in tv and movie censorship for our daughter. We always try to assess which videos and tv shows she may be exposed to and try to only make her watch only those shows which are educational and worthwhile watching. This is quite easy now when she's still a toddler. However, as she grows older, we should definitely be more equipped in judging the tv shows and videos which she would be later be watching. Hence, this book which I found in a Book Sale has really come in handy.

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Watching videos has become one of the most popular ways for parents and kids to spend time together. Selecting videos, however, can be overwhelming, and often you may find that you've chosen a film that's too young, too violent, or too sophisticated for your child-or too tedious for you. With this witty, authoritative guide, video rentals will be a breeze. For each movie, the authors provide a quick thumbnail sketch of the plot, entertainment value rankings, and age recommendations-for toddlers through teens. "Ten Best Lists" organize films by both age-range, genre, and special categories, such as: * Ten tasteless movies you can safely say yes to* Ten sibling sagas* Ten movies almost as good as the books* Ten black-and-white classics kids will sit through. It also features developmental information on what children understand at different ages and how to select videos depending on your child's age and taste.The Parents Guide to the Best Family Videos draws on the expertise of authors who review movies, as well as suggestions taken from the readers of Parents magazine. Including forgotten favorites and little-known gems, this guide offers you invaluable kid-tested reviews of fabulous films for your family.

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"Finally, the antidote to video store overload! This thorough and thororoughly entertaining guide offers helpful age-by-age recommendations and straight talk about violence, sex and profanity. McCormick and Cohen are the kind of parents you wish lived next door so you could solicit their opionions any time. Now you can!"

-- Annie Murphy, parenting correspondent Good Morning America, editor at large, Parents Magazine

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