Monday, September 1, 2008

Body Shapes and Beauty Tips

It's time to talk about beauty and fashion tips!

I admit, I have been so often guilty of not making the effort to take care of my face, my body, my diet and overall physical appearance. Blame it on my laziness genes, hahaha! But you know, when I started to feel my knees and shoulders ache from my being a bit overweight, I suddenly felt more self-conscious and even considered getting a tummy tuck beverly hills. I think these are the signs which tell me to definitely start to diet and beautify myself once again.

First off, let's talk about body shapes. We all know that God has given us the body we have. However, due to some circumstances in our lives, we undergo changes in our body shape. For example, because of the level of our physical activities that we are exposed to or due to a pregnancy and natural aging, our body changes from an 8 frame to an oval frame, for example. Although this can be drastically changed easily enough by plastic surgery, many people cannot afford to do so. Of course, people can always resort to having procedures like breast reduction done to their body but for many people, they just resort to the natural ways of taking care of their body. Some people, like me, just apply some fashion tricks to give the illusion of a slimmer body.

How do I do it? Found these great tips on what oval-shaped ladies like me should or should not wear:

1. Create an unbroken vertical line
2. No to tight clothing
3. Oversize tunic tops
4. Vertical lines on top
5. Match colors or tops and bottoms
6. One-color suits
7. Avoid belts
8. Dropped waistline dresses
9. Avoid tucked in blouses
10. Long sweaters

Don't you think these are great tips?

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