Sunday, October 19, 2008

Duct Cleaning Equipment, Etc.

I had just put down the telephone after talking to my good friend Tina. We haven't spoken for a very long time and I'm glad we got in touch again. She recently moved back to the central business district because her new company merged with another and they had to transfer. This was good, I thought, because apart from being nearer my office (we can see each other more often), their new office building is so much bigger and nicer now.

Anyway, we talked about so many things. We even got to talk about how the air-conditioning was at the office (we used to be officemates). She told me that when she was still working with us, she had bouts some sort of asthma maybe because the office needed some air duct cleaning. She even suggested that the property manager conduct regular use of their duct cleaning equipment so that the air ducts are always clean. Right before she resigned, their whole division transferred to our new building wherein they used state-of-the-art Heat Seal air duct equipment so everything was alright. Too bad, she received a better offer and a higher position that she couldn't resist. We didn't see each other that often after that. But now, her place of work is only almost a stone's throw away. We can have lunch together as often as we want now and talk about duct equipment and much, much more.

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