Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Trike for Zoe this Christmas

Yesterday, while out in the playground, we saw how Zoe stared at the other kid's trike. Zoe was riding her own car-car that time and wouldn't take her eyes off the girl on her yellow trike. And then today, when we went for a short trip to the mall (hubby got a haircut while I window-shopped), we saw this very nice trike that I think would be a nice Christmas gift for Zoe.We didn't buy it yet coz it was not in the plan (control!). Well, I just hope it's still available by mid-November when we get our Christmas money. :-)

I also searched online and found something that looks even better coz it's Dora the Explorer! Saw this one at Toys 'R' Us online. I'm not sure if we can find the same model here or if someone would be kind enough to ship it all the way to Manila. But I'm sure Zoe will be a very happy kid when she gets this for Christmas (I would!).

I know that I just talked about saving but who can deny that Christmas is for kids? :-)

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