Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Help is Underway

I am no drug and alcohol addiction expert. In fact, I think I can be one of those who can be very naive when it comes to drug addiction and drug rehabilitation. Maybe it is because I have no close encounter with this issue in my own family. However, drug addiction is real. It does not just happen in Hollywood movies. What’s also important is that the ill-effects of drug use are also real and there are more and more real people who get hooked to drugs.

Given this, I am still positive that there is still hope and that help is underway. There may be no one answer that works for everyone. People are individuals. Not all solutions work for everyone, one person may get off of drug addiction while the other person may not. “Tough love” may work for some, for others it doesn’t. The same is true with going to an intervention therapist. Some need it more than others do. AA and NA programs work for some, not for others. Other techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, or motivational interviewing therapy, can be effective for some. Since the field of drug and alcohol counseling is still rather new, progress is still being made as scientists discover more about the brain and addiction and as drug counselors and treatment centers learn more with regard to treating addicts. Personally, I think that what the drug addict needs, first and foremost, is love (from the families or friends). They also need serious moral and professional support. Because for a drug addict, it can be a very tough fight. It can go up to the point of losing his own life. But it doesn’t have to be this way. His family can give him the strength to support him and convince him that he needs drug detoxification in a drug rehab. If this is the best answer or not, well, what is more important to agree on is we should not stop looking for the right techniques and approaches to get the addict to be motivated to lead a functional clean and sober life.

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