Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TAG Meeting with NCCT Exec

I recently joined TAG (Television Advocacy Group), a group of concerned mothers whose mission and vision is the following:

To establish an association of TV viewers who can effectively influence the content of local programming on free TV. This means getting network owners, producers, directors, stars and advertisers to hear the association’s opinion on particular media content.

To positively influence the content of local TV programs in terms of :
1. values portrayed;
2. decency in speech , dressing and action;
3. contribution to intellectual development of viewers;
4. promotion of healthy love for country; and
5. respect for religious beliefs.

We met with National Council for Children's Television (NCCT) Executive Director Alice Panares and discussed our possible collaboration in promoting good TV viewing habits especially for children. We had a very engaging and enlightening discussion on how children can be educated to make wise choices of tv shows, with the guidance of their parents, of course.

Again, TAG found a renewed sense of hope that it is possible to bring about good influence to the public through constant vigilance and the proper education of parents, teachers and kids.

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Pat said...

galing, vina! despite your hectic schedule, you still make time for advocacies like this.

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