Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mortgage Loans During This Financial Crisis?

I was on leave yesterday due to severe migraine so I just stayed the whole day at home to rest my head. I also played awhile with my daughter Zoe who seemed so glad to find me just at home with her. I also watched a bit of TV and in between commercials about mortgage loans, I also incidentally got hooked on CNN and Bloomberg during their live telecast of the proposal of UK's Finance Minister Alistair Darling on UK's move to help the dropping economy worldwide and fortify their economy by infusing several billions of dollars into the market. He was saying that what the market needs now is for banks to gain back the confidence on each other so they can start lending to each other again. Really, since I work in a bank, I almost felt fidgety with all of these recent developments in the US and Asian economy. Yesterday was noted to be a really bad for Japan, the second biggest economy, so I am pretty sure it will trickle to other Asian markets sooner than I thought it would.

Now I wonder how many companies can offer bad credit home loan because for sure there will be a lot of people who will either lose jobs or take a bad effects of the bad economy (i.e. inflation, interest rate cuts, etc.). I think that loans for people with bad credit are now so timely for it can be the solution to their existing obligations whether for home or car mortgage or credit card debts.

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Lucas said...

With rising gas prices, and the economy being at such a low, it may be hard to come up with the money you need for bills. When you feel like you're in a bind, there is the option of getting a loan for bad credit. The process is simple, and the cash can be directly deposited quickly.

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