Monday, October 20, 2008

Planning on a Mini-bar

My husband and I would occasionally go to bars when we were dating. Actually, even up to now, when time permits, we would drop by our favorite bar to have a couple of drinks. We would sit near the pub tables, stare at each other's eyes and just talk.

But ever since I gave birth, you can actually count the number of times we went out till past midnight. I just feel so guilty now and could not anymore bear leaving the baby to the nanny. At one time, when I said to no my husband's invitation for us to go to a bar one Friday night, we compromised by just buying some bottles of beer in the supermarket on the way home. When we got home, we placed the bottles in the freezer and then took them out after having dinner with the family.

So, where did we drink those bottles of beer? Well, sad to say, we drank it all in the kitchen (while our daughter sleeps in her crib in the living room). And although our kitchen is cozy, it does not have that bar atmosphere. So most of the time, we just end up sleepy and not really in the mood to have a nightcap.

Because of this, I told Hunny that maybe we can make use of the extra space in the corner of our dining room to construct a mini-bar where we can put some comfy bar stools which we can find at Premier Barstools. Anyway our dining room is big enough to accommodate the bar and stools. With a mini-bar, we can have a bar-like atmosphere anytime we want without having to go out the house. And I won't feel as guilty because I left the baby to the nanny, right? Besides, we can already take out from the pantry all our wine collection plus the wine glasses and free up significant space in our pantry too. Moreover, during special reunions or get-togethers, while the women sit around the dining table, the men can gather around the bar and sit on extra tall stools so that they can drink some wine or beer. In addition, having a mini-bar can also serve as a nook during lazy mornings when we both want to have just a cup of warm coffee instead of a heavy breakfast. Isn't this a great idea? I'm actually very much looking forward to having a nightcap with my husband right in our very home soon.

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