Sunday, October 19, 2008

Recalling Those Days in Europe

Ever since I got to go around some cities in Europe a few years ago, my mind always dream of going back to experience more of the European life. My memories are still very fresh and vivid even if the trip occurred quite a long time ago. I could still remember the day we arrived in Rome. I felt so harassed right before the trip because I was rushing to prepare my speech for the convention that we were supposed to attend. Therefore, I felt so tensed during the whole 16-hour flight. I could barely sleep.

Anyway, when we finally reached Leonardo da Vinci airport which led to the eternal city that is Rome, we were greeted by a great "Arrivederci" and a cool breeze of the city. Our hostel had a homey feeling and the bath tubs there were simply fabulous! Just to tell you, I spent the a good hour soaked in the tub in order to calm my nerves for the presentation that I was giving in the afternoon. Oh boy, it was heaven!

Anyway, my presentation went better that I expected and after getting that out of the way, I was so ready to embrace Rome. We stayed there for a whole week. We flew to Spain via Barcelona after that for more educational and cultural touring. In Barcelona, we stayed in this beautiful hotel that is smacked next to the bull fight arena. The hotel rooms had quality walk in tubs that when my roommate saw the place, she was shrieking and shouting "Thank you, Lord!" (I can still imagine that moment now and it was hilarious).

After Barcelona, it was a tour of the other cities in Spain, namely: Torrecuidad (which has the pilgrim church of Our Lady of Torrecuidad), Pamplona (a beautiful place with a population that was full of young families and cheerful folk), Avila (famous for Sta. Teresa de Avila and St. John of the Cross), Saragossa (Our Lady of the Pillar), and Toledo (the former capital of Spain). We also made a little side trip to the pilgrim town of Lourdes in France (it was so worthwhile to take that trip). And lastly, for our final destination, we went to Madrid.

Aside from the Palacio Real de Madrid and Museo del Prado, Madrid equated to shopping for me. We spent five whole days going around the shopping malls and boutiques in Madrid and I love it there. We fancied ourselves there with great leather finds, discount clawfoot tubs, so many colognes and perfumes, jewelry and many more. It was the perfect way to cap our tour.

Now, remembering all of these places makes me ache to go back there, this time, with my husband and daughter. I hope we can save up for it soon.

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