Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why It Helps to have a Notebook

I thought that it would be more practical for me to type all reminders, computations, and to do lists in my computer at home. But after some months of trying it out, I always feel completely exhausted and lazy to open the computer, open the file, check the lists, etc., etc.

And then I found some notebooks lying around the house and thought of making use of these to replace my computer "organization" files. And it worked!

Now my life is simpler. All I have to do is open my notebook, scribble the things I need to remember and the list of my To do's. I make it a point to highlight the important ones so I could go back to it. I find that this is more effective for me rather than sticking my nose on the computer all the time!

On a side note, I just love the notebooks from Paperchase (picture above). I got mine from Borders when we went to Singapore last year. Wish I could buy some more for next year.

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