Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wrong Decision

Because of my love for travel and for freebies and discount, I had entertained this certain sales agent last year who was selling hotel memberships with 40% discount on published rates. I didn't think twice about it back then and she immediately was able to get my credit card details and consummate the transaction. I never bothered to check on her Phone Number Info which could have helped me avoid making a wrong decision.

What happened was, although the membership was valid, this agent apparently a scammer and was into some bad scheme like asking monetary help from her clients. What's worse, before I got to know about this, I even referred her to my officemate who also availed of the membership. After some time, I learned that the agent borrowed a huge amount of money from my officemate and then the agent vanished like a bubble! My bad!

So next time you receive a sales call, better check the background of that caller first before you get swayed, like what happened to me.

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