Thursday, November 13, 2008

Perfect Christmas Gifts

Hello everyone! How are you doing with your Christmas shopping? Well as for me, I started kind of late already. Normally, I would be scouring for great buys as early as October when the malls start to have their weekend sales. However, this year, due to budget and time concerns, I delayed exploring the stores and buying gifts to fill up my Christmas list. in fact, I only printed out my Christmas list from the computer only last week.

As a start, I asked Hubby to accompany me last Sunday. We went around the mall to buy some generic Christmas gifts. We already bought many of the gifts in Rustan's and we had it all wrapped there. That takes care of our gifts (plus wrapping) for about 30 people. Whew! It was such a tiring day. I didn't realize how hard it can be to be going around the whole of the Shangri-La Mall trying to search for Christmas gifts. But it doesn't end there just yet! I still have a couple of dozens of people in my list. I've already crossed out the idea of going to Divisoria and Tutuban because by now, there will be swarms of people there during the weekends. What I'm thinking of just doing some online shopping to save me time and energy. This may even be a cheaper way to tackle my list!

Anyway, for the rest of the people I still have no gifts planned for, it was a good thing I came across this UK-based store which offers beautiful Sterling Silver Jewellery. And since most of the people I need to give gifts to this Christmas are women, I am thinking of making a bulk order of Sterling Silver Bracelets. I'm sure they will all appreciate receiving this kind of gift since many of them love wearing silver accessories. For the girls (teenagers) to whom I also would be giving gifts, a great gift idea would be giving them Silver Bangles. I just love the colors that they offer that I might as well buy some pieces for myself! Don't you think this is a great idea?

Happy Christmas shopping to everyone!

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