Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Wish List

Vannie tagged me about my Christmas wishes. Vannie was like reading my mind because I have been aching to write about my merry wishes for this year. Apart from personal wishes such as a new job, a second baby and being finally debt-free, I also got a wish or wishes (if I may) for Santa this year. Here goes...

1. I want a CEIVA digital photo frame. Through the years, we have accumulated and collected hundreds of pictures of our family trips, parties and the daily milestones of Zoe. I thought it would be great to be able to share these pictures to my sister, Dad and relatives abroad. It would be fantastic if they are able to see how we are just by a click. More than that, this year, we can even join their contest and win $500. What a great deal, right?

2. I also want new planner. If I can't get the Starbucks planner, I just might get a moleskin (if there's a budget) or just a generic one from National Bookstore. I just want something simple so I can put order in my schedule for the whole year.

3. I want a new pair of blue jeans too. It's been ages since I got myself one. My existing pairs are either for repair already or looks too old to wear. I still haven't decided on what brand to get but hopefully I'll be able to get a new one by New Year's Day.

4. I also want a new digital camera. My old camera got lost last July when my sis used it for her trip to Australia. I miss my old camera. I just need to save up for a new one by May. Maybe we can also save up for a DSLR this year. Hunny?

That's all folks. I can't think of anything anymore. Snag this tag if you like!


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