Saturday, December 13, 2008

Knowledge is Power

I remember the late Ernie Baron who advocated "knowledge is power" not so long ago. In more ways than one, this by-line of his is very correct. One has to have knowledge to gain not just power but also opportunities. With knowledge, we can get the right job, get into the right business or build the right career for you. With knowledge, we can avoid some risks, cultivate more options and be successful.

That is why people should try their best to study and study hard. They have to see the value of continuous learning. As they stay, nobody is too old or too young to learn. In the Nouveau Riche University for example, a person will learn the basic concepts of real estate investment and be able to use these concepts in concrete action. When you enroll in the Nouveau Riche University, you will appreciate more the business idea behind real estate investment and be able to make a living out of it. That is why many people are living testimonies of how effective it is to study and be real knowledgeable through Nouveau Riche University. Their own success stories are the proof of the effectivity and truth behind the concept of "knowledge is power".

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