Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sunday Lunch

While everybody in town stayed put in their respective houses and had their eyes glued to the TV set last Sunday for the much-awaited boxing game of Pacquiao and Dela Hoya, we were busy chasing the girl around as we had a scheduled lunch and duty free shopping date with our friend Lala last Sunday. We met in Shangri-La Mall and had lunch in Cyma. I love it there. I think they have the tastiest grilled porkchops and the yummiest baked macaroni. I did not really expect to enjoy it so much since I am not really fond of Greek cuisine. Anyway, lunch was great and it took away most of my stress from handling a toddler around all morning.

You know, since I ate so much, I could just imagine how my huge appetite could add more pounds to my already-overweight body. I am so lazy to exercise regularly (although I recently got two new workout videos) because I am so stressed at work and by all that traffic especially this Christmas season. But I really want to lose that excess weight soon. Because of this, I have been seriously considering taking diet pills that work. A few years back, I took the risk of drinking some and indeed I lost some pounds. However, I looked at diet pill reviews and found out that these were not the best diet pills in the market. This video made me feel more convinced. And now that I really need to fit into my clothes again, maybe I'll consider taking some again.

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