Monday, December 8, 2008

Wisdom in Reading

As they say in health and fitness, "you are what you eat". Or in that case, you are what you eat, you drink, and what you breathe. For those who are firm believers of the mind-body connection, this is worthwhile pondering about. It's like the concept of GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) in the software industry. It is the simplest concept but is often ignored. Many people go around exposing themselves to many kinds of garbage and act as if it's nothing.

In a similar sense, I would like to apply it in reading. You are what you read. One may be a voracious reader but not a critical reader. If you allow yourself to be exposed to crap and rubbish material, you end up being like one. Thus, it makes sense to be informed of the effect of reading such and such book or magazine before indulging in it. It would be good to be wise and evaluate first (or get a good critique or maybe an Ebooks Review) before drowning yourself in a book. Believe me, this is the rule of the wise.

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