Thursday, January 8, 2009

Celebrities at our Home

Last January 4, we agreed to rent out again our humble home to the producers of Count Your Blessings (airing daily, Monday to Friday, 5:00 p.m. at NBN Channel 4). The episode which they were going to tape featured showbiz celebrities Sheree and Coco Martin.

Sorry for not being updated but I never really heard about this guys prior to that day. So out of curiosity, I asked the others about their background. I heard from the neighbor that Sheree was part of Viva Hot Babes and that she has given birth already. In fairness, she's friendly, sexy and pretty up close. I couldn't believe that she's already a mom! I was afraid to ask her if she had undergone a tummy tuck for there seems to be no trace at all that she has been pregnant before, that is, compared to me who let my weight go up uncontrollably during and after my pregnancy. Anyway, if my job is to look sexy (as in her case) and if I had the resources (which I don't), I would gladly undergo a tummy tuck!

As for Coco Martin, he was also friendly and I could see that our two helpers were so ecstatic to see him in person. I heard that he has an acting award for a movie so I "googled" his name up and found pictures of him which were too sexy for me, so I stopped.

Anyway, as before, part of our agreement with the director is not to use the house, especially the master's bedroom, for scenes which are too sexy or too violent. My Dad specifically told us this. I think it's good to point out this issue to the producer and the director. We said that we don't want to be a contributor in spreading lewdness on TV. Instead, we only want to be part in sharing good moral lessons to the viewing public. Good thing the show Count Your Blessings is more or less okay.

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