Thursday, January 8, 2009

Off to the Market...

To continue my story from the last post, after breakfast, I had a sudden urge to go visit the weekend market in Makati after remembering the episode from Supermarket Chef of the Lifestyle Network Channel which we watched a couples of nights before.

So even if there was a yummy lunch of Nilagang Baboy already prepared at home, my husband and I still decided to leave and catch whatever's left before the market sellers packed away.

Here are some pictures:

We bought some vegetables, green mangoes (!), suman sa lihiya and other small things which I cannot remember anymore. For lunch, we contented ourselves with huge grilled hotdog sandwiches and a mango shake. After this mini-date, we headed to Glorietta to see what was on sale (Zara and Mango were on sale but I didn't have to urge to buy anything). We left empty-handed so we decided to go to our ever-favorite Conti's in Serendra to buy Blueberry Cheese Cake (my craving) and some goodies which we will bring to party that we were supposed to attend.

I super enjoyed this mini-field trip! Thanks Hun.

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