Thursday, January 8, 2009

One Saturday Morning...

Last January 3, I woke up very early so that I could go to Mass. After taking a bath and dressing up, I took a home pregnancy test to verify my suspicion. Actually, I knew deep inside that I was pregnant. I only needed a confirmation from a test. A few days before, I saw that I had some blood spots so I thought that my period was on the way. I actually almost cried at the thought that I'm not pregnant. You see, we've been hoping and praying for a blessing to come for the past how many months already. Anyway, when my period didn't arrive on December 31, I knew.

I was so happy to see the two pink lines appear almost immediately. Pure bliss! Since it was still too early to wake up my husband and baby who were both sleeping soundly, I left the HPT at the bathroom so that it would be easily seen by my husband when he gets up from bed. Then I headed off to go to Mass (it was the first Saturday of the month).

At mass, I couldn't help but be emotional. I looked intensely at the Holy Eucharist being consecrated and I felt so happy, so grateful and so blessed. I texted my sister immediately after the mass because I couldn't contain the joy that I was feeling. Anyway, I headed home after my thanksgiving after the mass and was welcomed by a BIG smile from my husband. I was sure he saw the HPT because he was already busy cooking up something special for breakfast. His first words were -- "two lines!" It is a cause for a celebration!

He made us a creamy and cheesy egg omelet. It was delicious! He added cream cheese, milk, cheddar cheese and some salt and pepper to the egg so it tasted so great! That recipe in itself could be a subject for many of my House Everything's and even my father's textbooks' Essay Examples. Actually, I find my husband's cooking as a very interesting Essay Topic that I could go on and on talking and writing about it. I probably would even want to get a reputable group to send me a Custom Essay which features our favorite recipes and it would probably turn out to be the start of a nice novel like that of the style of one of Nora Ephron's books (I think it's entitled Heartburn) which I've read before.

Anyway, going back to the pregnancy, my initial worry about this time around is my OB-Gynecologist. I found out that I needed to find a new one in order to give birth using the benefits of our company health card. It really sucked that my ever reliable OB isn't accredited. So there. God, help me find a good OB that will take care of me and the baby. But I'm sure we're going to be fine.

See you in nine months baby!!!! Daddy and Mommy and Ate Zoe love you!

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