Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For our Attic

Just last night, my husband and I decided to move (read: sleep) into my parents' room from our original room in the attic. The room has been vacant since my Dad decided to re-marry and move to Batangas. And as you see, with my new pregnancy, we realized that we needed a bigger bed for us. Since my Dad's bed is a king-size while our is a mere double bed, transfering to my parents' room would really be the right thing to do (plus there are less steps going up).

Later on, when Zoe (and baby#2) will be a bit older and more independent, they can have our room in the attic. And as they progress to be students, our plan is to convert what is currently Zoe's playroom in the attic into a study room cum library that is ideal for study.

I don't quite remember where I got this photo but this is more or less the design that I like.

I find this such a perfect-fit for our attic space. I just thought of posting this so I won't lose the idea.

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Home Manager said...

Nice attic.. remember it gets very warm here in our country esp from 10am to about 4pm.. have a number of clients here who used their attic as storage rooms, one had it even insulated and installed with aircon to store his paintings.. fyi

Vina said...

thanks libai! the other side of our attic is open and is overlooking the living room so ventilation is not a big problem yet. but i'm thinking that if we're going to make it a study room, i need to enclose it a bit so that it's more private. maybe we would need an aircon na if so. thanks for the tip!

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