Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On the way to work...

On the way to work today, my husband and I had a very interesting discussion about cars. You see, lately, I've been fancying on selling our Toyota Corolla and buying a new one that's would fit better our family's needs. I actually told him that I had my mind set on either getting a Honda CRV, a BYD E6 Electric Car or any dependable SUV. But of course, we just cannot plunge and buy anything without studying the practicality and financial aspects of buying a new car. Aside from the price and reputation, what would matter to me also are the engine quality and size.

In view of this, my husband suggested that we make a visit to some car dealers one time in order for us to have a more concrete idea of what we really want to buy. Of course, we also need to look at how our finances are doing and think if it is really practical to buy a new car at this point. With the economy going bad, it is sometimes scary to invest on depreciating goods such as a car. Do you agree? Is it the right time to buy a car now during these hard times? Your thoughts are very much welcome.

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