Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pangarap Kong Jackpot

For the third time around, we again rented out our house to the producers from Channel 4. I think the show now will be called Pangarap Kong Jackpot (previously Count Your Blessings). The title's like that because this is a show funded mainly by PCSO ata. Anyway, the main characters for this week-long episode are Dimples Romana and Baron Geisler. Oh di va!

I actually stopped myself from asking for a photo with the artistas. Besides, I couldn't find the perfect timing. Anyway, just a short anecdote...I was watching them do a take from the living room and B.G. was holding a cig. I looked at him and when he saw me and greeted me with "Hello Ate". Hehehe. Then he saw the suman that we have in the kitchen and asked me if we have Muscovado (which we didn't coz I gave away the Muscovado that I bought directly from Bacolod to my boss). I said "No, sorry!" and he said "Ang sarap kasi ng itsura nung suman ninyo (pointing at the plateful of suman on the table)." Hahaha. Yun lang. :-)

Surprisingly, the crew packed up earlier than before for which I was super glad. :-) At least we needn't lose sleep because of the taping at home. :-) Anyway, we sometimes hear neighbors questioning our decision to allow these people to rent out our house for TV. They say that the money being paid to us is so small and it's not worth the disturbance and the probable-damage that the crew may cause. Well, for us, it's really no hassle. The TV crew are all very friendly. We even get to see artistas right in our very own living/bed room and get paid for it (enough to pay for our monthly electric bill). So why not? :-)

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