Monday, January 19, 2009

My New Year's Resolution

Well, well, well. What do ya' know? January's almost over and I still haven't blogged about my New Year's resolution. Maybe it's because I still haven't taken it to heart up to now (and I tend to forget lots of things anyway).

DE-CLUTTER. That's my resolution.

It means:
  • throwing out unnecessary papers - receipts, lists, stubs, tickets, and what-not
  • file those important papers IMMEDIATELY and not wait for all of it to pile up (and get ready with all those labeled folders)
  • weed out clothes which have never been or seldom worn, don't fit, damaged or are plain ugly
  • use only one calendar/notebook so no more sticky notes
  • clean out bedroom cabinet which still has unopened presents and even wedding gifts
  • get rid of left-overs in the fridge which have not been touched for a week
  • declutter office supplies (I have too much of this really)
  • clean up the china cabinet
  • fix baby's toys
  • sell or give away CDs and VCDs which are no longer wanted
  • no to junk bags and junk drawers --- just put them straight to where each one belongs

Wish me luck!

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