Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Pregnant Woman's Diet

I think the good thing about having a second baby is having a more familiar feeling about the whole pregnancy in general. As they say, "been there, done that". In my case, I already know that this time, I need to be more vigilant and controlled in the diet aspect of my pregnancy lest I fall again into the trap of overeating, giving in to unhealthy foods and ending up gaining too much weight by the time I reach my full term.

For this second pregnancy, my plan is to eat healthier. I want to erase my past mistake of not having a very healthy diet during the first time. So I plan to bring out our blender so that I can always have fresh and nutritious fruit drinks in the morning. I vow to make this ever-reliable home appliance my constant companion for the months ahead. I also would bring out our turbo broiler so I can have more broiled meat instead of fried. I will also eat lots of leafy green vegetables even if I don't like it that much. And for the major thing, I want to give up eating junk food and drinking soft drink -- for this is my ultimate weakness. (If you're reading this Hunny, I hope you can help and support me on this).

Believe me, I'll do anything for this baby to be healthy, even if it takes a lot of temperance and self-mastery. So wish me luck!

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Jona said...

hi vina! congratulations for yoiur second baby :) that's truly a blessing. healthier diet for her, that's great!

Vina P said...

thanks jona! i really better 'behave' now (more than ever) when it comes to eating. :-)

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