Sunday, February 22, 2009

Protect Your Children

As a mother, I am doing my very best to protect my family from the threats of the outside world. Lo, there are so many bad things that you see and hear in the media that one can tend to get paranoid that these things will happen to your very own family. I am sometimes wary of my kids' future and wonder if the place where we live is safe enough to raise them. I wish that our justice and police system is as good as those I watch in CSI or that there is available information in how to Track Sex Offenders.

Honestly, having a village guard or locked house gates are not enough safety precautions nowadays. Thus, to further protect our family at home, we are trying to train the adults left in the house with our daughter to be extra vigilant of the people walking around the streets. We also have trained them regarding the use of the telephone. We have trained them to memorize emergency numbers to call. They should also not give our address or phone number to anyone. They also have to keep the cellphone always available so we can check on them regularly. We are also now looking at having them take a good self-defense course, for their good and the good of the rest of the family.

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