Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thinking About the Future

I was just reflecting this morning about how I can be a better wife and mother. While praying, I suddenly remembered an advice given to me when I learned that I was pregnant for the first time. Since I had a lot in my mind that time, this friend told me not to be afraid of what the future will bring. As long as we struggle every single day, the grace will come when we need it. That meant for me to stop worrying if I can handle having a baby, if I could be a good mother to my future kids, if we will be able to send the kids to good schools and make them finish their studies, if we will be able to see them get good jobs, get married and have families of their own, etc. Worrying about all of these will just lead to nothing.

Now I realize all the more the truth in this sound advice. Indeed, God has given all the graces we needed and He will continue to give it when we would need it. We just have to stop worrying and rely on Him. Like during the times that we needed to stretch our budget, God always made a way for us to earn that extra buck. He even allowed that we are able to get a payday cash advance to help us with our unscheduled expenses.

Some people say that problems can be never-ending. Well I say that God doesn't also stop helping us either. We have a God who already knows what we need even before we ask Him. That's how wonderful a God He is.

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