Wednesday, March 25, 2009

4th Anniversary

Today marks my mom's 4th death anniversary. We remember her in a very special way by offering mass and prayers for her today. Actually, we already visited her in the cemetery last Sunday. On the way, we prayed the rosary as a family. When we got there, we said our hello's, gave her a special basket of flowers, prayed the Responsory for the Dead and blessed her grave with Holy Water. Afterwards, we met up with some of my relatives (my mom's brother and his family) and had a lunch celebration in the nearby SM Mall.

How time passes so quickly. It seems like yesterday that my mom was in our physical presence. I really miss the days that we were together. But God has special plans for her. He wanted her to be by His side earlier than we thought. She was "ripe for the picking", as some would say, that is why God called her to be in Heaven at the age of 58. At least now, I am happy with the thought that she is in Heaven and she doesn't have to suffer her illness longer than she can take it. Back then, I was willing to give anything, sell anything and take an american cash advance and all the other cash loans that are available just to keep her alive. I was in denial for quite a while about her condition and her eventual death maybe because I was just thinking of myself --- that I need my mom to be with me, that she had to be there in my wedding and that she has to be there to see her future grandchildren. But now I have realized that I cannot rebel against God's will.

Nanay, I want you to know that you are sorely missed. Thank you for being the best mother in the world. I love you always.

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