Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Regular To Do's in Cleaning the Kitchen

I was browsing through my Good Housekeeping Maid Manual and found this valuable piece of info:

Cheat Sheet for the Kitchen:

1. Sweep kitchen floor.
2. Mop floor.
3. Wipe all regularly used/visible surfaces.
4. Take out trash.

1. Wipe all surfaces - ventilation hood / appliances / inside of oven.
2. Pour boiling water down the drain to disinfect.
3. Wipe inside / outside of cabinets and cupboards.
4. Vacuum relevant places.
5. Wash and completely dry knife blocks.
6. Dust light fixtures.
7. Compile grocery list and make menu for the week.
8. Do grocery.
9. Do wet market.
10. Wide down doors / baseboards.

1. Wash hood filters.
2. Check freezer fro expired items.
3. Clean kitchen ceiling.
4. Schedule days off for all staff members.
5. Defrost - 2x a month or when ice reaches 1/4 inch thick.

1. Replace baking soda in freezer - every three months.
2. Clean ovens - all appliances.
3. General cleaning - every six months.
4. Refrigerator cleaning - 2x a month.
5. Check staff uniforms.
6. Check condition of staff uniforms and footwear.

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