Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Senior Citizens Unite!

My Dad and his wife just came back from a month-long vacation in the United States. I was glad to have them back at home safe and sound. I am also glad that even if they are already in their sixties, they are still able to travel and enjoy.

Together with his new brother in law (also a senior citizen!) from Michigan, they were able to go to Las Vegas. They also were able to take a bus leading to the Grand Canyon which is a spectacular site. I still have to see their pictures though but they all said that they had a super great time. In fact, my dad was emailing me every now and then during their trip, talking about their adventures and their shopping finds.

For a few days, they were also able to visit my uncle, aunts and cousins in Illinois. They stayed in my retired aunt and uncle's huge house. I heard that they also had a party there. Sounds like it the senior citizens had so much fun together!

Thinking about it, I wish that my husband and I would experience that same level fun and energy even if we grow old already. Maybe we can even try entering the Senior Chat Room for more excitement! Ha! Ha!

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