Sunday, March 1, 2009

Home Design

If given a chance to change my current profession, I think I would like to do something utterly different from what I am doing now. One of my options would be to be involved in interior design for homes and other office spaces. Blame it on watching a bit too much of home and garden TV and browsing too often in furniture and home supply shops, for wanting to be into the interior decorating business. But nobody cannot deny it, it is so interesting to be able to design something given some space, create a "look" for a certain room or to be able to re-do a room altogether into something more attractive and at the same time practical for the people who will use it.

But of course, like in any other profession, before one can be an interior designer, aside from innate talent and an eye for detail, it is also very important to allot a period for learning basic design theories (as well as know about related topics such as feng shui, design history, etc.) and for practicing and applying what you have learned. Actually, I am so looking forward to learning more about interior design that I have already found a good online school that can give me proper training on how to be an interior designer.

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