Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life is Grand

I saw Vannie a.k.a. Ozzy's Mom tagged me this meme. So even if this was ages ago, I thought I'd try it out. Thanks Vannie!

Here is the rule of the tag :

List five reasons why you think that Life Is Grand and then pass it on to five people.

Life is definitely grand because:

...God gave me life (when He could have freely decided not to).
....I have a great family who are my constant inspiration.
...I have received many gifts and blessing in life (and I know that I have to give back somehow).
.....There is a new life inside of me (and I can't wait to be a second time mom!).
......I have received the Catholic faith and a unique vocation from Him.

What to try this? Jean, Mandy, Jacqui, Nikki and AiDiSan?

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