Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hubby's Out of Town

Hubby again left this morning for a business trip down south to the city of Davao. It's been some time since he last left for a trip with his bosses and I'm not used to it anymore. Anyway, I'm glad because this will be his first time to visit that city. I only wish he'll get to explore it a little and not be too pre-occupied with the meetings and conferences that he'll be attending. I'm sure that he will be spending the evenings entertaining their guests who convened there for a briefing. Maybe they will even have some quick and easy poker to keep the guests busy.

On a side note, I still have to go overtime at work today and tomorrow. I have to finish encoding and computing this year's bonus and there's no short-cut way to do it. Now I'm worrying how I'll manage to go home when no one can pick me up tonight. Oh well, that's life.

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