Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tips to Fighting Pornography

I was at noon time mass today and the priest urged every one of us to do our part, as Christians, to fight pornography in society. Here are some suggestions he mentioned and I hope you will find some wisdon in it:

1. Get rid of (or burn) all pornographic materials in our home - books, magazines, calendars, video cds, leaflets, etc. These are all considered trash for our soul.

2. Practice modest dressing and serve as a good example to your children.

3. Avoid all pornographic websites and other pornographic videos which can be passed on through the cellular phone.

4. Help report all indecent actuations shown on tv by writing to the producers.

5. Stop all non-sense 'green' talk at home, in the office or when with friends.

6. Start the custom of praying together as a family.

7. Take Mama Mary and St. Joseph as our role models for living a life of purity.

8. Frequent the sacraments of Holy Mass and Confession to be in the state of grace always.

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