Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Me and My Pineapple Juice

My day yesterday started off at the right track. I woke up early, had breakfast, took a bath and then dressed up to go to work.

It was color-coding day so I had to commute. It was drizzling a bit but it was okay. Fortunately, I got to find a ride to work almost immediately. Everything was smooth-sailing until...

...I encountered the most terrible traffic en route to Makati.
...The driver of the vehicle I was riding had WTM playing on the radio --- and DJ Mo's way of speaking really pissed me off.
...I was late for work (unsurprisingly).
...I had too many issues at work.
...I lost track of the time and was very late for noon-time mass.
...I called the house only to hear the helpers complain that we don't have this and that in the house and that I needed to go to the grocery or else we'll starve.
...F. still gives me the biggest headaches.

I think about it and felt that I had too much for the day. So I went to the canteen and got myself a can of pineapple juice.

All the stress is really putting my blood pressure up. NOT GOOD!!! But thank God for the pineapple juice (and His grace), I made it through the rest of the day. :-)

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