Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fine Silverware

Last night, my husband and I were discussing about the possible godparents for our second baby. We came up with our tentative list already but of course, it can still change. I also brought up the topic about the baptismal celebration. I was fancying on booking a small room at one venue in Quezon City so we can have an intimate celebration with family and friends. However, he told me that he opts just to have the same set-up as the one we had for Zoe. Just a small party at home with catered food and rented tables and chairs.

I still remember when we had that party more than two years ago. We got Conti's to cater for us. About a hundred people came to celebrate with us so you can just imagine how full the house was. Anyway, I remembered how the people praised the food and the buffet set-up. It was really so good. The guests even noticed how classy and elegant their cutlery was. In fact, it was so easy to differentiate the utensils that they have versus the ones we took out from our own kitchen. Ours were just ordinary looking and light while theirs was heavy, shiny and looked expensive. That made me think of buying a new set of silver ware from abroad. I really hope to get a good distributor such as Arthur Price soon or when budget permits.

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