Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mommy Moments - Bonding with Siblings/Cousins

mommy moments

Zoe's sibling is still in my tummy so I got no pics yet of them together. As for cousins, Zoe has no cousin on my side of the family but has 14 cousins on her dad's side. However, I cannot find a single decent picture of them together. Thus, I settled for this one. It's actually a favorite. Zoe is photographed here with her "kinakapatid" named Nzo (the son of her godfather Owi) during our first summer outing together (May 2007).

Don't you think the picture's so cute? This was taken in the Jollibee in one of the gas stations in SLEX.

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Genejosh said...

Congratulations..your preggy you mind if i ask how many months na? baby namin ala pa sibling..he's still 4 months and his cousin on my side is still in her aunt's tummy...first time visiting here...

Chris said...

cute naman... im sure once your new baby is here na.. you will get tons of pics :D

Vina said...

@genejosh - hi! thanks for visiting my site. i'm almost 4 mos on the way. :-)

@chris - yes, that's for sure. i just can't believe now that among zoe's 14 cousins, i still don't have a nice pic of her with any of them. hopefully, this may, when zoe walks as a flowergirl for the wedding of one of her cousin's, i'll finally have pic of all of them together. :-)

pehpot said...

They look so cute together!

siblings and cousin time
is here :)
Make or Break

Lynn said...

They have some resemblance actually. What is she looking at? When she's got a brother or a sister already, I'm sure the camera won't stop clicking. :)


Vina P said...

thanks pehpot and lynn for dropping by and commenting! :-)

Jona said...

cute photo...they'll surely like to see this when they grow up :D

btw, got a tag for you enjoy your day :D

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