Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Bright and Cheerful Home

As a home manager, I am always on the lookout for home ideas that will make our abode a bright and cheerful home. I think part of that objective is to always be able to achieve the following:

1. Happiness and peace within family members and household personnel
2. The family tries to be God-centered and not self-centered
3. Family traditions as passed on to us by our parents
4. Ability to maintain physical cleanliness and order in the material things
5. Making sure that everything at home is working in properly
6. There is security within the home
7. The house provides a good place to sleep and to rest
8. Only good healthy food is served at the table
9. Attention is put into the small things at home, whether it is a functional piece of furniture or a decorative ornament
10. The house embodies some class and style (of course, hoping not to break the bank!)

While trying to look for more ideas, I chanced upon this Home Improvement Blog. I was so happy to discover it because it gives me so many ideas on new products and styles which I could definitely use or copy for my own home improvement needs.

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