Thursday, April 16, 2009

Burglar in the House

I almost forgot to blog about what happened in our house last Good Friday.

We had a tiring Good Friday because we went to the church services which lasted for almost 3 hours. So we got home, my family just had dinner (it was a day of fast) and then we all headed to sleep at around 9:00 p.m. I didn't have the strength anymore to open my computer and surf a little bit more about free tattoo chat or email with my friend abroad. I just had to sleep.

Anyway, a little before 12 midnight, I was awoken by the loud barks of our dog in the backyard. The barking wouldn't stop so I tried waking up my husband to ask him to check what the matter was. My husband was too tired to get up, I guess, so I tried going back to sleep. After a few minutes, I heard a knock at our door. It was my brother Francis. He looked very distressed. He was holding his jaw with his t-shirt and we noticed that it was bloodied. He immediately told us he saw a man who tried to open the door of our car in the garage. He said that the man had a piece of cloth covering his face. He was trying to open the door to steal our car stereo and the other things inside the car. Anyway, Francis shouted at the man, got close to him and even tried to hit the man. His punch missed, so it was even the man who was able to hit Francis in the face (which explains why Francis' t-shirt had blood in it). When Francis run back to the house to get something to scare him away, the man climbed our gate and ran away. Good thing that the burglar was not able to open our car nor get anything. After that, we reported the incident to the village guard who did confirm seeing someone who was running away toward the nearby creek. We also reported the matters to the homeowner's association president the next day so that these kinds of crimes can be avoided somehow before it gets any worse.

Because of this scary incident, to protect ourselves, we put more locks in our doors and also plan install grills around our main door like this one in the picture below:

And of course, it also helps to pray at night to the angels for protection.

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