Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just a short anecdote.

I bought this pair of white preggy pants from the Gingersnaps sale last Christmas. And since my tummy is growing fast, I asked my husband to go to the tailor one Sunday to have my new pants altered to fit the length of the legs (it was too long for me). Anyway, I handed him a pair of white pants from the closet and then gave him the instruction to have about an inch and a half cut from the bottom. So as a good husband that he is, he immediately went to the tailor, got back after a few minutes, only for us to find out that I handed him an old pair of white pants which was already altered to fit way before. Ends up that that pair of new pants that I was supposed to give to him is still hanging in the closet. Thus, pair of white pants (it was a Benetton) that he took to the tailor had been altered twice, albeit shorter than how I need it to be.

What a bummer! :-P What is happening to me?!!

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