Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Damages and Repairs

I just read in the news that a tornado struck near Jonah in Williamson County that is north of Austin, Texas today. The news reported that there were about 15 homes which were damaged by the twister. It also added that the roof of a school in that area also fell off. Good thing that no one was reported to be hurt.

It's a sad bit of news but it's really reality which no one can avoid. All we can do is that when these kinds of weather disasters come, we have to be prepared to move on and start rehabilitating the damages done to our homes. We need to have money allotted for the repairing of the roof, windows and the walls of our homes. We also need to check if the HVAC equipment, among the many other appliances inside, is still in good condition. We don't want to be feeling too hot or too cold don't we?

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