Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Heart Mother Earth

Thanks to Jona for passing on this tag to me.

Here's the rule:
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~Tell us what is your contribution to our planet? You live here for sure you've got something to share!! Post any pictures or share some of your ideas on how to help and save out planet Earth.
~Post these rules.
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Here are some of the little ways that my family does to protect Mother Earth:

1. We segregate our waste. Our trash are classified to non-biodegradable, biodegrable and other recylable materials. And ever since I was a kid, we always had a compost pit in our backyard. It's great for making compost that can serve as a wonderful fertilizer for our plants.

2. We have a schedule for doing the laundry. Having one limits the use of water, thus, avoiding wasting it.

3. To save on electricity, it has been good habit for all family members to unplug all appliances when not it use. It really works!

4. We also plant trees in our surroundings! Yes, some of the big old trees in our village were planted by our very own parents.

5. We always have a car checked to avoid smoke pollution. Seeing a smoke-emitting vehicle on the road really irritates my dear husband and so we don't try to commit the same mistake.

Dear Readers - do you have more ideas to share?

1 shared their thoughts:

Jona said...

oh yes we planted trees also around our place, which i forgot to include in the list.
thanks for playing along vina!

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