Monday, April 27, 2009

Heard from the Grapevine

I heard that one of our old classmates from way back is dating a millionaire. It sounds both exciting and intriguing! I heard that they met through this great online dating site for millionaires and they hit it off quite almost immediately. Well, good for her! I think I'll recommend this site to this other friend of mine. Maybe she'll find love in this site too.

Anyway, I just realized now that I have so many friends whom I need to bond with again sometime. I have been pretty out of touch lately given my mommy duties and my demanding work. I really hope to find time to rekindle old friendships soon. As I read in one book - "Even busy moms need girlfriends too", that's why I think I'll call up this friend of mine right now and schedule a lunch date with her. Then I can also mention to her this online dating site that I'm talking about.

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