Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Going Green

I was browsing through some pictures of celebrity homes in the internet during my lunch break and I find myself in awe on how beautiful their gardens are! I am just turning green in envy! Maybe they asked the help of a great San Diego landscaper to do the job for them. Their lawns are so neatly manicured and regularly maintained. Flowers of every kind and other nice plants also abound in their gardens. How I wish that we have that extra space at home to grow some more pretty plants and flowers like that!

What we currently have right now is just a small piece of land in front of the house. This one features our St. Francis of Assissi bird bath. The contractor we got is the actually a good one. They were able to execute the plan as designed by my Dad. Actually, the output even exceeded our expectations. My parents love this fountain cum bird bath to bits!

We actually have several gold fish in the pond at the bottom of the bird bath. I love sitting there in the mornings just waiting for some birds to go near and drink from the bird bath. Zoe also loves to feed the fish everyday that it has been customary for us to assign this chore to her. But of course, at her age, feeding the fish is far from being a chore! For her, it's something that's so much fun to do!

Anyway, when we get the chance, I am definitely putting up another garden in our backyard and I'm going to get a good landscape contractor to do the job for me.

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