Sunday, April 19, 2009

It Makes Sense

My husband and I were on a short 'shopping' date last weekend. We decided to go to the nearest mall, however small it is, to look for some shoes for myself and summer outfit for him for his company summer outing next week.

Anyway, as we were parking, we noticed this big sign which says 'Parking for PWD'. Honestly ignorant, I immediately asked him what PWD stands for. He said that it means 'persons with disability'. He said that he learned that term from his relative who had to be in a wheelchair for a long time. He also mentioned that this relative of his found support and friends from the web, particularly in the disabled chat where she found friends with the same kind of condition. Anyway, thinking about it, it really makes sense that there is parking that is specially designated for people with disabilities. Oftentimes, people in wheelchairs, for example, need that extra space to enter and exit a van or car. They really should be given consideration for this because many times, people tend to park too close to each other that they leave no space for people to go out and enter their vehicles. I think considerations like these should be more natural for people, establishments and for government. Don't you think so too?

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