Thursday, April 23, 2009

They're Back

My aunt and cousin are finally back to Manila from Chicago today after being away for several years. I missed them while they were away. And I'm really glad that they are both here now for a short vacation with us. They decided to leave their home momentarily to attend to some family concerns and at the same time, have a break from the busy life in Chicago. I actually can't wait to share stories with them. Maybe I can tell them too of my latest finds through the net, that is, about some new home solutions and also about Chicago Flooring, a service which can provide them with great solutions for the installation and remodeling of the floors in their apartment.

Anyway, I really wish my boss will allow me to go on leave so that I can bring them around even if for just one whole day. You see, my cousin hasn't been home for the past seven years. There are so many places to explore and shops to go to! Plus, she definitely needs to try out those nice but accessible out-of-town places near Manila too. I'm thinking of going to either Tagaytay or Subic for some fun, fun, fun! OMG! If only, I'm not 5 months pregnant, I'll be driving them around to wherever they would want to go. At any rate, I hope to see them tonight so we can plan out their vacation plans.

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