Sunday, June 21, 2009

Guaranteed Repairs

My friend and I have been sort of debating on how reliable it is to get the services of a repair shop from a number taken out of the yellow pages. You see, I want to have our air-conditioning and our refrigerator checked but the problem is where to get a good service man to do the assessment and repair for us.
My friend pointed out that you at least have to have someone who can really vouch for the work of any particular appliance repair shop before you can entrust the job to them. Apparently, he had a bad experience before wherein he contracted the service of someone, coming in only as a walk-in client. It turned out that he paid for a service that was not guaranteed at all. Not only was he ultimately charged double, the worse part was that the HVAC broke down again in a matter of days and he had to take it somewhere else.

Anyway, my friend advised me to first scrutinize well the person whom I want to bring my appliances to for checking before paying anything or entering into a service contract. Now for those in the Orlando area, he suggested that you obtain the services of an Orlando HVAC Air Conditioning contractor. They are reliable and can give you quick and guaranteed repairs, all the time.

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