Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts

I don't know what it is with pregnancy that makes me feel so susceptible to various forms of anxiety.

You see, I have been feeling so anxious lately about this new virus going around in the country and in the world. In particular, the school where our helper's son is going has already report two positive cases of the virus. And now that he is likewise having fever, cough and colds right now, I am pretty much "scared" to be exposed to the virus. I am scared for myself, my unborn baby, my 2-year old daughter, my husband and the rest of the members of the household. I kept saying to Him, "Oh God, please spare us!!" and leave it all up to him.

We really do not know a lot about it, how it is spread and it affects. Those are the reasons why I feel anxious. I definitely do not want to be the next victim. Anyway, I hope not to lose hope . I want to believe that prayer can be so much powerful than any virus in the world.

Thus, let us not be fearful. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!

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