Saturday, June 20, 2009

Safety Precautions

We just received a notice from our homeowner's association regarding some safety precautions that homeowners like us need to keep in mind in order to avoid any untoward incidents from happening such as fire, car-napping, robbery, and other modus operandi by criminals that could be going around the area.

Some of the tips are the following:

1. Install energy saving lights (CFL or compact flourescent lamps) on dark areas around your house perimeter.

2. If you have to park your car outside, park it on a well-lighted side of the street.

3. Install a car alarm if you do not have one.

4. Instruct family members and household helpers to be on the lookout for suspicious-looking individuals, vehicles or motorcycles and report such incidents to our security as soon as possible.

5. Be wary of prank callers, most especially callers informing that a family member had an accident and needs money to be brought to a specific location.

6. Regularly have a Baltimore Electrician check your home electric wiring. As much as possible, get the service of a licensed electrician to do all your electric and house wiring needs. Indeed, making sure that all your electrical connections are done properly prevents the occurrence of fire and lets you have restful nights all the time.

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